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LAS Academy

Private primary school in Sopot

LAS Academy is an emerging network of private schools focusing on an innovative approach in education. The schools are located in the vicinity of nature which is the main theme of the identity.
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Scope of work:

  • Logo

  • Branding

  • Website design

  • Printed promotional materials

  • Wayfinding

  • Icons

Private primary school in Sopot

LAS Academy is a unique place that was created out of passion for music, art and comprehensive education. For the love of nature and science, and the conviction that today's school can be built differently - from scratch.


We wanted to include in one simple sign the most important aspects of the school's
philosophy: proximity to the forest, the possibility of choosing your path, and a coat of
arms, which is a traditional, recognizable element.

Main Theme

However, the leading element in the logo is a direction indicator, which is a metaphor, showing the possibility of choosing one's own education path.


Logo was built on a grid of lines intersecting at an angle of 22.5簞. Icons and illustrations were also created on the same grid.


We have prepared a set of icons based on the logo, sticking as close as possible to the previously established structure. The icons play an informative role both in the teaching materials and on the website.

Illustration and wayfinding

To complement the identification we prepared illustrations presenting the school in its surroundings. The illustration can be used as an image at school, as well as on printing and promotional materials.

Website design

Based on the created identification, we designed a website for informative purposes for parents and pupils of the school, as well as its future graduates.


To complement the identification we created designs for school T-shirts and hoodies.